Visitor Management Made Smarter

A clean and fresh looking system that's packed full of benefits

Easy set-up - No commitment - No credit card required

A new level of intelligence for visitor management

VisitUs Reception is an intuitive and refined application offering an unrivalled user experience. 

Our mission has been to create a system that strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and powerful features.

Make a statement

First impressions are everything. Utilise our visitor management system to showcase your professionalism. Technology can be a powerful tool and VisitUs is an exceptional example of making it simple and beneficial to your business.

Record data

VisitUs enables you to record on site activity and extract data to analyse for business improvements. Record on site activity for audits, staff rosters and capacity management.

Simple to use

The visitor management app provides an intuitive interface that means visitor activity is easily managed with little to no training. You will never lose track of who is on site, which can be extremely important during an emergency situation.

Cloud hosted online dashboard

The easy to use dashboard interface allows you to extract data, run custom reports, and customise the sign in process in a matter of minutes.


Available anytime, anywhere​

Our lightning fast cloud servers show you real time reports and enable you to access visitor information from anywhere in the world.

Stay in control

The clean and simple interface has been carefully designed to give administrators full control over their system. Extract data, run custom reports and customise your sign in process all in a matter of minutes.


Offer visitors a warm greeting by instantly notifying staff when their visitor arrives. Pre registration is available from the web dashboard or mobile app allowing staff to take total control of who is on site.


A modern and efficient way to track student and teacher attendance. Print passes for all visitors to display and produce an evacuation register in the event of an emergency.

Mining and construction

Live tracking of visitors and staff will give you full visibility of your site. An assigned pin number makes it easy for staff to quickly sign in and out each day. Track each individuals time on site from the live dashboard.


Plan staff requirements by recording parent and child attendance each day. Use our reporting tools to monitor trends and take a proactive approach to resource management.


Utilise our offline mode and take your iPad with you to sign in visitors at an event. As soon as the iPad reconnects to a WIFI connection the information is automatically uploaded to the web dashboard.

Theme Parks

Gather visitor information and reward them for returning to the park. Email addresses extracted from our reporting tool can be used to create targeted advertising campaigns.

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