Visitor Management System Features

SMS and Email Notifications

Receive instant notifications when your visitor arrives. Email notifications include useful information such as the visitor’s photo and their contact details, while email and SMS notifications offer you the ability to sign out visitors once they have left site. Visitors will love the reduced wait time and how fast and efficiently they are greeted on arrival.

Sign NDA Agreements

Site inductions and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) are an important, yet time consuming requirement for many businesses. VisitUs Reception enables your business to quickly induct and vet employees and visitors, allowing for a more productive workplace.

Print Visitor Badges

Print visitor passes instantly and as soon as guests sign in. Display important information such as a photo, who they are visiting, and QR Code so that they can sign out in a flash. Each pass fits perfectly into a standard lanyard pouch and will be customised with your company logo

Enhanced Evacuation Feature

Emergencies are of the highest priority, and ensuring people’s safety is imperative. VisitUs Reception’s ‘I Am Safe’ feature provides a fast and accurate way of accounting for all staff and visitors in an emergency situation.

VIP / Security Alerts

Individuals can be highlighted and management notified of their arrival in real time. VisitUs Reception allows you to clearly see who is on site and when.

Active Directory Sync

Synchronise your company directory with VisitUs Reception quickly and easily using our unique feature. As your business grows new staff members will be added or removed from the system automatically.

Office 365 Integration

Integration with O365 is simple and creates a bespoke solution for your business. Email notifications can be sent from a nominated business address.

Mobile Visitor Management

Our mobile app is packed full of features that allow your staff to administer their visitors more effectively. Push notifications instantly alert staff when their visitor has arrived, and Visitors can be preregistered and signed out quickly and easily directly from the app. All staff registered in the dashboard can access the mobile app at no additional cost as it is covered by your subscription.

SMS Sign Out Reminders

In cases where auto-sign out is not the desired course of action, VisitUs Reception is able to send an SMS reminder to visitors letting them know that they are still signed in. They can sign-out directly from their device, without having them come back to the site!

Mark Late Arrivals

Time management is one of the keys to productivity, VisitUs Reception enables you to highlight individuals that have checked in after a specified time. This data can be viewed by generating custom reports that are simple to produce and easy to understand.


Receiving feedback from visitors can be critical to understanding what works well in your business and what doesn’t. VisitUs Reception offers a feature which allows for customised questions to visitors, and for visitors to provide a rating and feedback.


For international visitors, VisitUs Reception offers each visitor the option of selecting their preferred language. If a language other than English is selected, all the text in the app will be automatically translated to the preferred language.

Mobile Wallet Compatible

Visitors can now save their emailed visitor pass to the Apple Passbook or Android compatible app. By clicking on a unique link the visitor pass will be visible on their iPhone, Apple Watch or Android device. Features such as this could help your company make the transition to a paperless office.

Works Offline

VisitUs Reception enables offline mode, allowing Visitors and employees to continue signing and out of your site with no interruption if internet connectivity is lost. As soon as internet connectivity is restored, all visitor information is automatically uploaded to the dashboard in seconds.

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