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Enhance Staff Safety And Increase Productivity With Our Leading Visitor Management System

Seeking ways to improve your front desk and guest reception processes? Or do you want to track visitor hours, automate paper-based sign in and update your site evacuation procedures? Then it’s time to make the switch to VisitUs Reception, the industry leading Visitor Management System taking the business-world by storm.

200 internationally recognised organisations such as Yamaha, Nespresso and government authorities have already successfully integrated our visitor management software into their operations. They can instantly notify staff of guest arrivals and deliveries, access live visitor tracking, enhance their guest experience and much more – now so can you!

  • Simplified Digital Sign In

  • Shorter Wait Times

  • Easy Compliance Exports

  • Paperless Document Signing

  • Verify Visitor Identity Easily

  • Better Customer Experience

  • Visitor Screening

  • Unauthorised Visitor Alerts

See How Our Visitor Management Software Can Transform Your Workplace

Easy set-up - No commitment - No credit card required

An Unattended Or Inefficient Front Desk Leaves A Terrible Impression On Your Guests

Are your guests ever greeted by an empty front desk? Or do they have to wait 5, 10 or even 15 minutes or longer just to see the person they came to meet with? This can leave a terrible impression on your guests – and we all know first impressions are especially important in business.

Just one negative impression like this could kill a deal or tarnish your organizations reputation. There’s simply too much on the line. People expect prompt, seamless service, and this is exactly what our Visitor Management System can do for you.

Instantly Notify Staff Of Deliveries And Guest Arrivals To Increase Your Efficiency

Does your front desk area seem to pile up with staff deliveries and incoming supplies? Or do your receptionists have to ring around or even physically leave their desk to let staff know their guests have arrived? Not only is this inefficient, it makes your business seem disorganised and chaotic.

Our Visitor Management System streamlines these processes. Your staff can be instantly notified of an incoming delivery or guest arrival with the click of a button. They’ll receive a message on their smartphone, asking them to come to the reception area to meet their guest or pickup their goods.

Easy set-up - No commitment - No credit card required

200+ Clients Using Our Visitor Management Software

5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Choose VisitUs As Your Visitor Management System

  • No-Obligation 30-Day FREE Trial All you need is an iPad and a printer and you can try the full system out risk-free for 30-days before you invest a cent, you don’t even need to give us your credit card!

  • 24/7 Dedicated Customer Support Team Should you ever have any questions or issues with your system, simply email or call our dedicated support team and we’ll quickly find a solution for you.

  • Instant Staff Alerts Via SMS Notifications Your staff will be notified the moment a delivery or a guest arrives for them – this saves time and streamlines the experience for all the people involved.

  • Modernize Your Evacuation Procedure You can finally get peace of mind knowing your organization is compliant and all staff and visitors will be safe and unharmed in the event of an emergency.

  • Digitalize Guest Log In Processes Visitors can use the software to fill in contact details, complete site inductions and digitally sign NDAs – which are all automatically stored within the system.

Easy set-up - No commitment - No credit card required

Modernize Your Evacuation Procedure And Ensure Staff And Guests Are Safe In An Emergency

Is your emergency evacuation procedure up to date? Can you be certain that every staff member and guest would be safe and accounted for? If you use paper-based visitor logs, it can be easy to miss someone like a contractor working away from the main office area – potentially leaving them at risk.

Visit Us Reception digitally tracks everyone who comes to your building and provides guests with a unique QR code sticker, making them easy to identify. Plus, all staff and visitors are sent an evacuation alert in the event of an emergency, instantly notifying them to leave the building.

Receive 24/7 First-Class Service From Our Dedicated Customer Support Team

Afraid you and your staff will have problems with a new system? Or have you invested in new technology before, only to be left to troubleshoot issues by yourself? You won’t get this from VisitUs. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and support for our clients.

Keeping your Visitor Management System running is crucial for large organisations like yours, and we understand this. If you ever have any questions or issues with your system, our team is here to help you 24/7. You can contact us by email or phone, day or night, and we’ll find a solution.

Eliminate Paper-Based Sign-In Processes With Digital NDAs, Site Inductions And Guest Tracking

Do stacks of paperwork pile up at the front desk area? Or are your receptionists constantly filing reports, guest log-in information and NDAs – taking them away from other important tasks? Not anymore! Our Visitor Management System automates all these processes, streamlining your workflow.

Guests can complete inductions, sign NDAs, fill in their contact details and much more using the easy software. These records are then automatically filed and stored, making life easy for receptionists and the HR team. Claim your FREE 30-Day trial and experience how VisitUs can transform your workplace!

Easy set-up - No commitment - No credit card required

"We replaced out paper based visitor register with VisitUs Reception over 12 months ago and haven't looked back.... We get comments from clients daily asking what we are using as it works so well and looks professional."

See Why VisitUs Is The Ultimate Visitor Management System

VisitUs has every aspect of your visitor management covered. You can access live guest tracking, see exactly who is in your building, instantly notify staff with SMS alerts and so much more. Our system is packed with valuable features, making it the undisputed leader of Visitor Management Systems. See for yourself:

Streamline Your Front Desk Processes In 3 Easy Steps


Claim Your Free 30-Day Trial

The first step is claiming your free, no-obligation 30-Day trial – as long as you have an iPad and a printer, you’ll be able to experience every feature of our industry-leading system before you ever commit to any agreement.


Complete Setup And Staff Training

Once you claim your free trial, we’ll complete the setup for you. We’ll migrate your existing data, eliminate your paper-based processes and train your staff so they can instantly begin enjoying all the benefits of your new system.


Increase Your Workplace Efficiency!

Once you fully integrate the system in your operations, you’ll see just how much time it saves your staff. Visitor logs, delivery and guest arrivals, inductions and NDAs – all streamlined and automated in digital form!

Easy set-up - No commitment - No credit card required

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

In the extremely unlikely event our system doesn’t save your staff time, eliminate paper visitor logs, make wonderful first impression on your guests or if you still think you have a better option ANYWHERE else… we’ll contact a competitor of your choice and pay for the first 30 days of their service.

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  • Advanced Visitor Reporting - Find out what's working and what's not. Dig into your data to find opportunities to grow.

  • Free System Migration - We'll help you move everything from your old, software for free.

  • Branding and Colour Setup to match your brand identity on your iPad

  • Modernise your emergency evacuation system with the click of a button

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