Online Evacuation Checklist

In the event that an evacuation has been triggered from the web dashboard via a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device, an online checklist will be instantly sent to all registered fire marshals. The checklist also contains visitor’s information including their email address, mobile number and details about their host. Marshals can mark a person as safe and then synchronise their checklist with other marshals at the press of a button. Perfect for sites with multiple assembly areas.

I Am Safe

Allow individuals to update the evacuation checklist using the I Am Safe feature. When an evacuation is triggered all signed in visitors and employees are sent an SMS that includes a link to mark themselves as safe. This can greatly improve the accuracy of the evacuation checklist and quickly identify if someone may still be inside the building.

View Evacuation History

Each evacuation is recorded in the online dashboard with essential details including the time, date and who was signed in at the time. View the online checklist and make notes on how you can improve for the next evacuation.

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans

VisitUs Reception can store Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) online and automatically email them to the fire marshals along with the evacuation checklist.

Download our guide to the evacuation features